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Champions for Autism was started in 2015 officially, but it actually started the day Kevin and Angela Hirschi's child Ridge was diagnosed with Autism.  That was the real day this organization started.  As executive director and personal friend of the Hirschi's, I can truly say that their family walked out of the doctor's office determined to know and experience every aspect of Autism.  To open every door they could and those they couldn't, find someone who would.  I am sure that never was there a day that they uttered, why did this happen.  Instead they walked out yearning to make a difference. They did feel fear, but it was for Ridge's well-being.


Their focus and determination has and is to learn and do more.  This focus turned into an infection, friends, work associates and even strangers began to feel the same want and need.  During a conversation with Kevin's business associate and friend John Issacs (Vice President and General Manager of Connor Sports) an idea was sparked and the Hirschi family has never looked back.  If Kevin and Angela could, they would personally help every autistic child they could find, but they are only two people and so the next best thing was to create a charity that could do what their individual limitations could not.  


They saw the benefits and the success of early intervention.  They considered themselves fortunate to have the time, finances and medical network to help Ridge, yet felt frustrated that so many people do not have the resources nor understanding of what Autism is. If you are ever fortunate enough to meet them, you too will understand their passion.

-Jan Worms, Executive Director

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